LessonHow to Use CounselingWise University

Video Transcript: 

Hello everyone, and welcome to our Blogging for Therapists course. In this video, I will show you how to access the course through Counseling Wise University.

First, visit www.counselingwiseuniversity.com and login using the information I initially sent to you to access the course materials.

Logging in lands you in the dashboard. If you have taken courses from us in the past or if you are part of the Smart Therapy Sites Program, you will see past courses in your dashboard. If you’re brand new to the Blogging for Therapist Course or if this is the only course that you’ve ever taken with us, Blogging for Therapist will be the only course available.

From here, please select ‘Blogging for Therapist’, I will click ‘continue’, and this will bring us to the main page of the course. Here, please notice the course name with the lessons, module 1-7, listed underneath.

Notice that ‘introduction’ and ‘module 1’ both have blue labels. This indicates your ability to access them. The black modules will be inaccessible until the date we are scheduled to review them. Each week, new courses will become available.

Please hover over introduction and select ‘show lessons’. From here, you can view each video in the introduction lesson. Simply repeat this procedure to complete other blue, available modules.

Now if you want to click on one of these lessons within the different modules, you will be able to actually click through and watch the video. So if you wanna go to Welcome to the Blogging for Therapist course video. You’ll go here and you will be able to actually watch the video here.

Please click ‘next’, which is located at bottom of the video to navigate to the following video in the sequence. Please continue the sequence until you return to the main lesson page, where all the videos are listed.

To return to the main course page, click ‘Blogging for Therapist’ located at top of the screen.

If you have questions about navigating the course or if you experience difficulty logging in, please post your questions to the Facebook group.

Thank you!