LessonWelcome to the Blogging for Therapists Course!

Video Transcript:

Hello there and welcome to Blogging for Therapists: The Complete Course.

This is the introduction module.

I am Becky Degrossa, Founder and CEO of Counseling Wise, I’m person there on the left. And Director of Marketing, Meagan Vitek will be teaching this course along with me. She’s the smiling face on the right.

So let’s dive into the course.

First of all, why listen to us? Great question. Well, I have a strong technical background with IBM and was trained and practiced as a therapist for many years.

When we decided to get into the business of teaching therapists how to grow their practice, we chose the niche of online marketing specifically, rather than addressing soft and business skills, because online marketing is something we know really well.

Counseling Wise started in 2012, and since then, we have grown to over 25 employees in less than three years. So, we really know how to get clients online not only for our business, but for therapists as well. That’s what we do, and that’s what we will do for you, too.

Why do we do this work?

Well, think about this way: therapy has its highs, right? Those sessions where you’re sitting there and talking with your client, they’ve been really struggling with something, and then all of a sudden they have an epiphany and they really get it, and there’s a huge shift and their life changes. That’s the high, and that’s what it’s all about.

As a therapist, that’s awesome. Those breakthroughs are what you live for. And for us at Counseling Wise, teaching you how to grow your practice, that’s our high. That’s what makes our day. We can provide you with online marketing strategies that work, and we love doing it. You’ll feel our program working when you get more calls, more emails, more clients and when your practice flourishes.

So, that’s what really gives us a sense of accomplishment. We really care about getting you new clients. As you learn and begin applying things in this course, please share your successes with us because that’s what really excites us, those success stories. That’s what it’s all about for us.


For the course:

There are four primary goals you’ll achieve during this course. First, we want to give you a full understanding of how to blog effectively. We want you to feel really confident about this. By the end of this course, you will know exactly what to do.

We can show you what kind of topics you can write about. We’ll provide you with so many that you’ll never have to worry about writer’s block again. We’ll also teach how to effectively write your blogs. We don’t want you to struggle with that, either. We can help you build plenty of topics that you’re excited and feel really good about writing, topics your current and potential clients will want to read. We’ll walk you through structuring and optimizing your content as well.

Finally, we’ll aid you in developing your personalized, systemic, habitual approach to writing your blog on a monthly basis. You can blog more, up to four or eight times a month if you want, but the idea is we want you to have a system in place that works for you. The only way to reap the benefits of blogging is to consistently do so. That is the main goal of this course.

So let’s talk a little about how the course works.

We have this introduction module and 7 other modules. You will gain access to new modules each week. Week one, you will have access to the introduction and module 1, meaning you will have 6 remaining modules to complete over the next four weeks. The modules are available in Counseling Wise University, which is where you are likely watching this now. Otherwise, you are watching this on the Facebook page. Some modules will be available on Facebook until you are really familiar with how you get where you need to get to, to see what you need to see.

Each week, you will receive homework to help you practically incorporate the training in the videos into your professional life. You will also have the ability to interact with your classmates on the private Facebook group for the course, and that’s where discussion about the course materials will take place. You will watch the videos online through the Counseling Wise University portal and will interact around the material and the homework via the private Facebook group.

Please, please, please support your peers.

The more questions you ask and the more answers you provide to your fellow peers, the more you will get out of the class. Those who actively interact tend to lean way more; and furthermore, in the past, many have formed meaningful, accountable friendships through these interactions. So, I really encourage you to be active in the Facebook group.

Let’s talk about the modules now.

The first module is this Introduction Module that we’re in now.

Next, Module 1 will cover why blogging is so important for your practice.

In Module 2, we’ll discuss how your blog and website work together. This is really where we’ll get into the foundation of how the whole system can benefit your practice.

Module 3 begins the conversation about creating content: what to blog about, how you determine topics, how you can find topics, how you can make a whole list of topics, all that good stuff.

Module 4 focuses on actually writing your blog posts: how to write them well and how to write them easily. We will provide you with starting points, developing ideas and options for creating quality content.

In module 5 we will cover SEO for blogging: how to optimize your blog posts. Search engine optimization helps users that are surfing the web for like content find and visit your blog.

In module 6, we’ll talk about how to promote your blog posts.

In module 7, we’ll cover monitoring and tracking your success, what is working and what isn’t working, which will keep you accountable with the personalized system you developed to consistently generate content.

Finally, when you finish all the lessons, you’ll be able to navigate counselingwiseuniversity.com, which is where you can find all the videos for the course. You can also post to the private Facebook group to interact with your fellow peers.

Thanks a lot and I’ll see on the next module! Bye.